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    "Reaching Students for Christ and Equipping them to Serve"

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    Matt Dabiero


    Matt loves camping, running, reading, and watching movies. Raised in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, Matt attended Penn State and studied communications. Although he was raised in a Christian home, he first fell in love with Christian community during his first year of college. Through RUF, Matt grew in his love of Scripture, prayer, and service, while learning alongside friends and mentors what it looks like to pursue Christ in all things. As an intern, Matt is excited to share the love of Christ with the students of Millersville and watch God grow the community there. After the internship, he plans to attend seminary and later become a campus minister.

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    What does RUF all about?

    What does RUF do?

    • Our main functions can be broken up into 4 categories
    • Large Group - We have a weekly Large Group that meets on Thursday nights from 8:30-10pm. We use this time for worship (singing and prayer) as well as teaching.
    • Small Group Bible Studies - Small groups are weekly meetings where students explore faith together. Using the Bible as our jumping off point, students are encouraged to asks questions about what the bible says, faith and life. Most of these groups are student led.
    • One on Ones - Students meet regularly with small group leaders, other student leaders or the Campus Minister/Staff.
    • Events - We have regular events, anything from game nights, halloween parties and conferences.

    What does RUF believe?

    In all that we do on campus, RUF seeks to be honest. We don’t assume a “generic Christianity,” but sincerely embrace the system of doctrine set down in a historical document called The Westminster Confession of Faith. This also means that we are open about our affiliation. RUF is the official campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America.

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    Large Group

    Word and Worship

    Large Group is where RUF meets to sing, pray and explore Christianity. There is time afterward for people to hang out, ask questions and enjoy being together. Everyone is welcome.

    Small Group Bible Studies

    Exploring Faith Together

    Small groups are designed to be discussion oriented exploration of the Christian faith. Most of these groups are led by students. Take some time out of your week for a good conversation.

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